My name is Sophia Scarlett – I am a cottagecore enthusiast, who sells inspired clothing and pieces for the home, located in the Midwest.

I work to bring you along with me while I find ways to incorporate the cottage core lifestyle into my own and hopefully yours too! My blog Aims to show you how to live more sustainably and with much more attention to the details. I welcome you to use this blog as a sort of escape from your busy and sometimes stressful day to day life. As for many cottage core is a means to escape reality, it brings us back to a simpler time in life without technology and other household luxuries. Subscribe for cottagecore Content each week!


Fashion & Beauty

I’m always looking for the new and upcoming trends, and I always try to infuse that with my love for cottagecore fashion! By living more sustainable and shopping at the thrift store for most of my wardrobe. I also dabble in making my own beauty products! I’ve created hair masks, bath bombs, lotions, lips scrubs and more! I’m currently working on recipes to bring

Cooking & Baking

I’ve been baking since childhood, learning from my mom and grandmas, I’ve always loved being in the kitchen. My Very first job was at a small bakery, thats where I really honed in on my captivation of baking. Later in life I started to cook more, and part of my sustainable journey is to buy in bulk and make all my food at home from scratch!


Every week {sometimes multiple times} me and my boyfriend go on day trips to the best thrift stores around michigan trying to find the best vintage cottage core finds!

Vintage Reseller

At the moment we are just getting together a bit of an inventory before going public but we prepare to launch an Etsy Dedicated to selling some of these home decor finds. My Depop will be linked here, this is where I sell all of my cottage core fashion pieces!


Summers at my Uncle’s Cabin

Cottage core brings back so much nostalgia for me, growing up without a phone i remember just living in the moment and truly just enjoying the environments around me. my most treasured place was at my uncle’s cabin up north, he lives in cedar sided chalet on a lake in northern michigan and yes it is as picturesque as you it sounds. the days up north were full of adventure and some of the best times of my childhood. mornings were spent eating fresh eggs from the chickens, fishing off the dock and taking walks in the woods. evenings always on the pontoon boat cruising the shorelines and bringing home the catch of the day, (usually walleye, bass, and perch) to fry up for dinner. Nights were always spent by the bonfire overlooking the lake listening to the loons sing.

Working at a Bakery

My very first job was at this quaint little Italian bakery in my hometown, I worked there for years learning all the ins and outs. Learned how to bake breads, cookies, cannoli’s, and even pizza. I loved my time there and the people I got to meet and learn from. so many of my baking skills and knowledge stem from the experience I had working in the bakery.

My Mom & Nany

My mom is a prime example of a women who lived the cottage core lifestyle, growing up she cooked and baked sweets for our family all week long. she had an enormous green thumb, she could grow an entire garden out of fruit and vegetables in the house. she could sew, stitch, and alter clothes into beautiful pieces. she would thrift the most amazing vintage furniture/ decor finds, she always came home with the best thrift hauls. she spent summer tending the garden, landscaping the yard, and redecorating the house. Winters were spent making jewelry, candles, and baking our family delicious desserts! My Nany who is 100% Italian taught me some of the best recipes that I still use to this day, everything in her kitchen was made by hand from scratch. We spent so much time together in the kitchen when I was growing up cooking for our entire was no easy feat believe me, but she did it with finesse. not to mention everyone in our family got a hand crosetched blanket or hat and scarf set, she loved making things with her hands much like my mother. I’m so grateful to of had those memories with them. they are part of me and inspire me daily, I’m lucky enough to have them both as guardian angels now

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